Ditch and Switch
Ditch and switch with our plant based cleaning product. Thieves cleaner has so many uses its amazing. You can rest assured while using Thieves cleaner you are not bringing harsh chemicals into your home, you are saving money while using a plant based product and you are boosting your immune system. 
Thieves cleaner is a concentrated, versatile solution that gives you a deep cleaning without harsh chemicals. Safe to use around all members of your family, including pets. Suited for just about every surface in your home from carpets, floors, counters, glass, walls and more. Its non-abrasive solution leaves your house smelling great without leaving residue behind. Thieves cleaner is also safe for septic systems.
I use thieves cleaner for every cleaning project in my house. It smells amazing  and I feel so much better knowing toxic chemicals are not being used in my house or around my family. 


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