For 25 years I have felt tired, stressed out, and sometimes like I’m going crazy. I would cry for the simplest things like, feeling I had to make dinner or realizing I haven’t changed my clothes all day. I know so basic but sometimes those things were just too much. What parent hasn’t felt this way at times? But what do we do not much or nothing? Well, actually we keep going. We continue to go to work, take care of our children, make dinner, clean the house, and do the thousand other things parents do on a daily basis. As we do all these things for our family we often forget to take care of ourselves. 


This WAS me. I’m a mother of 7 children ranging from ages 26 to 1 year. I’m sure after reading that line you’re thinking she actually is crazy. I will say some of these feelings still exist. I still get very tired as you can imagine. I still get stressed out at times but I don’t feel debilitated by it. Most importantly I don’t feel like I’m going crazy anymore. I may cry over uncertainties but I have learned ways to refocus and cope with these feelings. 


            I began taking care of myself and when you are left with a small amount of time you have to be smart about how you do it. Not only did I begin to feel a difference so did everyone in my home.


Now, I have peace. I have learned to take life challenges as complex or simple as they come without punishing myself or feeling like I’m going crazy. I feel great because I know I’m giving myself and my family the best living I possibly can. 


How many times have you felt this way?


It’s time to get up and start re-living the vibrant life we all deserve!


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